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Information for Students (and Others) Reading Who Rules America?

Dear Readers:

Welcome to this supplementary web site for the latest version of Who Rules America?, which has been updated and improved in many ways. I hope your arrival here means that the book has proven to be readable and informative. I'm also hoping you will find this web site useful and that some of it is enjoyable as well.

There are seven articles on this Web site that provide further information on specific topics that are mentioned in the most recent edition of Who Rules America:

In addition to the aforementioned documents, there are additional materials on this Web site that allow you to pursue other topics to whatever depth you may wish. They range from the history of power structure research to a more complete statement of a general theory of power (the Four Networks theory), which is only touched upon lightly in the book. There are also critiques of rival theories, and information on what social scientists have to say about social change, including what seems to work and what doesn't.

There's also a piece on what psychologists and other social scientists have to say about the similarities and differences between political leftists and political rightists, in case that question has always been a puzzle for you (as it has been for me). In the end, it is amazing how similar leftists and rightists are in some ways (having to do with moral anger and intellectual "purity") even though they are very different in their styles of thinking, their personalities, and their values.

Whatever your theoretical interests or political orientation, my goal has been to make the site informative and useful for everyone.

G. William Domhoff
Santa Cruz, California

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