Who Rules America?  By G. William Domhoff, University of California at Santa Cruz

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Please note: The e-mail address below is primarily for students and fellow researchers who have read Who Rules America?, and for those with brief questions about research on power structures.

Otherwise, my time for e-mail queries is limited by research and academic writing projects. I am not a blogger nor a short-term commentator on events, and I am not available for interviews or talk shows.

If you have a question about some of the details in the "Wealth, Income, and Power" article, the answers can likely be found in the links and downloads within the document itself, or in the Further Information or References sections; I do not have any more information than what the document and its references provide.

Answers to questions that arise from skimming only the Wealth article -- such as "what caused this state of affairs?" or "how could it be changed?" -- can usually be found in other documents on my site, especially "The Class-Domination Theory of Power" and "What Social Science Can Tell Us About Social Change."

If you do e-mail me, a meaningful subject line (other than "hi" or "hello") must be used to avoid the spam filter, and please understand that it may be several days before I have time to respond, due to my research work.

— Bill Domhoff,  

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