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Growth Coalition Theory

A specific segment of the dominant class -- the owners of land and buildings -- has the lion's share of power at the local level. They join together in each city as growth coalitions.

The Ford Foundation and its Allies in the Inner City

To demonstrate how foundations and other nonprofits operate as an extension of the corporate community, I discuss how the Ford Foundation and its allies have tried to contain and ameliorate the tensions and turmoil that have developed in major urban areas since the 1950s due to urban renewal and the rapid urbanization of large rural populations, especially African-Americans.

Case Studies of Growth Coalitions

In-depth looks at the power structures of New Haven, Connecticut, Atlanta, Georgia, and San Francisco, California.

Santa Cruz: The Leftmost City

Santa Cruz, California is a rare instance where a city is run by neighborhood leaders and environmentalists, not those who want to make their land more valuable no matter what the impacts on ordinary citizens.

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