Who Rules America?  By G. William Domhoff, University of California at Santa Cruz

Links & Further Reading about Santa Cruz

Web sites

In the documents on the early history of Santa Cruz and progressive politics in Santa Cruz, there are numerous links to other Web sites in the context of specific people, places, or events. The following links are more general in scope, and some cover current events.

  • Regional History Project: Maintained by the UC Santa Cruz library, this site includes oral histories, interviews, and other archival documents detailing the early history of both Santa Cruz County and the UCSC campus.
  • Santa Cruz Research Forum: An on-line bulletin board for the "Exploration of Local History," maintained by the Museum of Art & History at the McPherson Center in downtown Santa Cruz.
  • Sandy Lydon: a retired historian who calls himself "the history dude" and still teaches classes on local history through the extension division of the local community college. Lydon's site includes interesting tidbits about local history, along with a list of the "ten worst disasters" suffered by Santa Cruz County.
  • Bruce Bratton: Visit Bratton's site for the comings and goings of local activists, artists, and performers from the point of view of a pro-environment, anti-development activist/journalist -- along with many historical pictures, film reviews, and more.
  • Santa Cruz Sentinel: For the current scene, and some occasional material on local politics, see Santa Cruz's daily newspaper of record.
  • Metro Santa Cruz: Weekly newspaper covering arts, entertainment, culture, and politics.


Many of these local-interest books are available at Bookshop Santa Cruz, an excellent locally-owned bookstore, but the links below point to Amazon.com for the benefit of those who aren't in the area or who want more information about the books.

Historical Societies/Museums

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