Who Rules America?  By G. William Domhoff, University of California at Santa Cruz

Teaching Power

The links in this page are to student papers for a class taught at Clark University by sociologist Bruce London. But similar links are welcome from anywhere in the world; contact Bill Domhoff if you have additional documents that might be appropriate for this section.

Bruce London, Clark University

Students in Professor London's first-year intensive course, SOC 033: Who Rules America?, conducted a series of studies of the distribution of power in our society. (Some related projects from SOC 200: Class, Status and Power may also be included.)

Papers by Professor London's students:

To see more about how professors can use Who Rules America? in the classroom, check out "Teaching about Corporate Power: Analyses of a Policy Planning Network" (London, Lucier, & Hare-Drubka, 2013) and "Teaching Who Rules America?" (Tenenbaum & Ross, 2006).

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